Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project 3 Work

Project began as being over complicated for what I could physically do, so i decided to simplify the layout a bit by cropping the sides as well as the verticality of the piece. I wanted to create a simple environment to go along with the piece, but got completely lost in the strokes that I kind of ended where I didn't want to.

Project 3 Assignments

Project 3 Stuff..Digital Painting!


Still Life Paintings:

Fruit and Candle

Memento Mori

Project 2

Project 2 Stuffs

Layout/Design Drawings


Project 1

Project 1 Stuff!

Color Palettes


 Final Project

So, apparently, I've been using the wrong blog..

Being a genius, I've been using a different blog that this to post all the classwork too, and I feel like a big doofus. So, I'm currently in the process of copying everything over here :(

Incoming wall of images!